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Kitchen Cabinet Updates on a Budget

One of the easiest ways to change and improve a kitchen is through the kitchen cabinets. The improvement of the cabinets can be designed to fit your budget quite easily. A smaller budget allows for refinishing and repair of the existing cabinets, where a larger budget will allow for complete replacement of the cabinets. Either way is a fine method to really improving a kitchen looks.

The kitchen cabinets are a major focal point of any kitchen. If they look bad then the whole room will. Additionally, they are very important to the function of the room. With broken down cabinets, problems can occur and it can be quite an inconvenience.

When you are simply refinishing the cabinets you should start by taking them down to the basics. You will want to remove all hardware and strip any paint or finish on the cabinets. Remove the doors, as well. You can usually just sand down the finish. In addition to sanding and removing hardware, you should also take this opportunity to give the cabinets a good cleaning. Use a cleaner to really get them clean. Often times oil and grease can cause a filmy buildup on everything in the kitchen. Once that is removed you will find painting and refinishing is much easier, not to mention the cabinets will look much better.

Once you have gotten the cabinets prepped you can begin to think about how you want the finished project to look. A very popular update these days is adding glass fronts. Glass has a very nice and clean look, but before going with glass you will need to consider that it can be a handful to keep up. You will have to be careful of fingerprints and also keep your cabinets well organized since everyone can see them. Something else you may consider is adding stencils to match the theme of your kitchen or adding a different type of finish to give it an aged look.

You may find that updating your kitchen cabinets can be quite a load of work. You may have to loosen the countertops in order to reach the lower cabinets and prevent an odd finished look. You may also need to do some repairs if your cabinets are older. You may even need to remove the cabinets form the wall if they are in need of a lot of work.

Overall, opting to just update, repair and clean your existing cabinets can save you quite a bit of time and money. Plus it guarantees that you do not have any fit problems and they will look good in your kitchen.

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