Bee Removal Company Solutions.

Bees are very harmful and messy insects and especially when they are disturbed. If for some reason bees get to invade your home compound, you do not need to overreact and try to get rid of them yourselves. Getting rid of them yourself can be hazardous and may cause injuries from the bee stings. The first thing you need to do when you face such a situation is to seek professional help from firms that specialize in bee removal. This is because they have the required skills to do the job in a very effective manner without causing more disaster. Below are some of the factors you need to consider before choosing a bee removal company:


Experience is an important determinant when deciding whether to work with a particular bee removal company or not. This is because an experienced firm will be able to employ the new technologies available to get rid of all the bees in your area. It ensures that the situation is handled as soon as possible and with the required safety. Experience also determines the quality of services and pricing. Firms that have been in the market for a long time are able to offer better services since they have handled such situations before, as compared to new firms. It is advisable that you pick a firm that has been providing bee removal services for a long time. Not only will they meet your needs but also, they will advise you on better strategies to use to prevent future invasions by bees to your property.


Before signing any contract with a bee removal company, you need to look at the certifications of that company. Any pest control company should have licenses as required by the law of the respective state. Checking the credibility and validity of the credentials offered by the company will give you proof of professionalism. If a company is not certified, do not under any circumstance agree to work with them since they may offer low-quality services or even cause more harm. A firm that is licensed performs better because they have undergone training and have the required skills to handle any situation in their field. It is, therefore, a good idea to give priority to a company with proper credentials.

Liability Insurance.

Bees are harmful insects, and hence, it is vital to consider safety measures from this risk. It is advisable to seek help from a company that has the liability insurance cover. This guarantees that both parties get protection in case somebody gets hurt in the process of removing the bees or there happens to be property damage. A company that is insured will ensure safety and protection to their workers as well as you during the bee removal process.

Finding the best bee removal company is very challenging, but once you get one that is certified and offers excellent services, then it becomes worth it. The only way to make the right decision is by having the right information. Use the tips above, to be able to get an efficient bee removal company.

A Swarm Of Bees Or Wasps In The Garden! What To Do?

  • There is sometimes the difficulty when we see less well,
  • The honeybee, the most common in Belgium, is striped brown and a dull yellow.
  • The wasp, it is hairier and has black stripes and a bright yellow.
  • Size issue, both insects, measure about 15 mm. Their buzz is not the same, but you have to be initiated to differentiate it.
  • A reliable index to differentiate them is the food they covet. Everything attracts the wasps: meat, fish, sugar Bees, they only drink the sweet liquid, the nectar of flowers or your glass of soda.
  • Tip when you are on your terrace: It is always better to empty the cans of soda in glasses and take a look before swallowing: a wasp or a bee can eat there.
  • And if there is a nest/swarm of wasps or bees in your garden, stay calm …

Beware Of The Wasp Season!

The sun is shining, it is hot, and the plants in the garden are in bloom. June is the time of year when wasps arrive; it’s set like music paper! From spring to autumn, the wasp season lasts a long time.

Wasps are currently building their nests. When the ladies wake up in the spring, they want to start looking for a new home. Now that the new nests are still small, the time has come to remove them. Indeed, now you run little risk of getting stung. In the middle of the summer, the nests are much bigger, and they have many more inhabitants, who are irritated easily when you want to eliminate their nest.

But one thing is already sure: we must treat the wasps with respect! A wasp sting can have serious consequences, especially if you develop an allergic reaction.

Some Tips To Protect Yourself

  1. Reminder: It is always better to empty the cans of soda in glasses and take a look before swallowing: a wasp or a bee can feed.
  2. Cover meat and sweet items when eating on the terrace or in the garden.
  3. Give wasp their feast, place something sweet at a distance from where you and your guests are set to eat.

How To Do With A Nest Of Wasps?

Everyone knows the pain of a wasp sting. So, do not take any risk by trying to destroy them alone. Firefighters come with full suits, which protect them from attack. They cannot be stung, which is not your case unless you have at home a diving suit!

Therefore, face a nest of wasps, call the fire department, they will move (or advise you). On the other hand, it is in billing that the difference will be made: if it was a case where you were in danger, that is to say, that the insects were introduced en masse into your home, you would not have to pay (In any case in the presence of child or senior in the house). If the nest was on the dam deep in the garden, and did not threaten you, you should (perhaps pay), unless your municipality takes charge of this kind of intervention. You can always inquire.