Some Tips To Protect Yourself

  1. Reminder: It is always better to empty the cans of soda in glasses and take a look before swallowing: a wasp or a bee can feed.
  2. Cover meat and sweet items when eating on the terrace or in the garden.
  3. Give wasp their feast, place something sweet at a distance from where you and your guests are set to eat.

How To Do With A Nest Of Wasps?

Everyone knows the pain of a wasp sting. So, do not take any risk by trying to destroy them alone. Firefighters come with full suits, which protect them from attack. They cannot be stung, which is not your case unless you have at home a diving suit!

Therefore, face a nest of wasps, call the fire department, they will move (or advise you). On the other hand, it is in billing that the difference will be made: if it was a case where you were in danger, that is to say, that the insects were introduced en masse into your home, you would not have to pay (In any case in the presence of child or senior in the house). If the nest was on the dam deep in the garden, and did not threaten you, you should (perhaps pay), unless your municipality takes charge of this kind of intervention. You can always inquire.